Driving the UK's

digital revolution


Connecting you to the world

We run the UK's digital network. We're the people who connect homes, mobile phone masts, schools, shops, banks, hospitals, libraries, broadcasters, governments and businesses – large and small – to the world.

It's our mission to build the best possible network with the highest quality of service, and make sure that everyone in the UK can be connected.

Openreach explained

Our engineers build and maintain the network that makes your phone, TV and internet work.

Our performance

  • Our performance

    Openreach’s performance is measured against Ofcom’s quality of service standards. We publish the results every three months. Read our reports to see how we’re doing.
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  • Connecting with communities

    We’re proud of our people and the communities we work in. Read about Openreach’s commitment to volunteering, fundraising and sustainability.
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