Our graduate programme

Looking for your first step on the management ladder?    

Start your career at Openreach

If you’ve just finished university, our graduate programme could be the perfect fit for you. With lots of different areas to work in, you’ll learn a range of skills and be in charge of your own development. You could go on to become a service delivery manager heading up a team of 50 engineers. Or you might end up working in one of our central functions, like HR. 

Whatever your aspirations, they could start with our graduate programme. Show us you have the willingness and passion to learn and develop, and you could be our next big success story.

How does it work?

Our graduate programme lasts two years. You’ll be supported every step of the way, and have a tailored personal development plan. And once you’ve finished, you’ll move into a permanent role at Openreach.

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Meet some of our graduates

Openreach|Alice Mooney|Graduate
Alice Mooney
Openreach|Ishita Ranasinghe|Graduate
Ishita Ranasinghe
Openreach|Hadi Al-Wardi|Graduate
Hadi Al-Wardi