EMP enhancements

Simpler, Faster, Better EMP enhancements

The Equivalence Management Platform (EMP) is at the heart of our business. It's the system many of our customers use to interact with us through a simple set of user interfaces.

In the documents below, you’ll find information on the latest key EMP improvements delivered in R1900/R2000:

  • How they work
  • Benefits they could bring to your business
  • When they’ll be ready
  • What you may need to do before you can use them

Value add DSL data

This change will help you to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales while avoiding unnecessary cost. By enabling you to efficiently target the selling of quality based applications, such as IPTV services, over GEA-FTTC.

New Main Fault Location

Where appropriate, this new process will lead to many faults being resolved more quickly. Using the new Main Fault Location (MFL) the Service Management Centre will be able to take specific actions to accelerate the time to resolve the problem.

EAD enrichment phase 2

We've improved the EAD process to make it easier and faster. We're installing new systems infrastructure to improve the repair process now and in the future. That means that we'll improve RFT on our legacy platforms by taking advantage of some element management features to automate more of our delivery process.

FTTC/P service maintenance levels

There is a demand for work to be done outside traditional working hours. This change offers additional flexibility and convenience for your end users, as work can be done outside normal business hours or working days.

EBD - strategic transformation

The Ethernet Strategic Transformation (EST) programme is about improving the way we design, launch and change our Ethernet products. In a nutshell it's about moving our Ethernet Products from the old legacy platform to the new Strategic platform on the Equivalence Management Platform (EMP).