Copper or fibre broadband problems  in your new build home - customers at home and work

If you've moved, or are planning to move, into your newly built home, the developer isn't on site and you can't place an order with your chosen service provider use this form to tell us what your problem. 

If your query is about:

  • an existing service - please contact your Service Provider first. They will have all your details and will be able to help you and contact us on your behalf if necessary.
  • whether you can get fibre and you aren't moving into a newly built home please check our questions about fibre availability.
  • a house you're building, a single or multiple plot new build or a self-build property visit our registering your site page and chose and complete the form that best fits your site. 
  • equipment that's in your way, we can help you with this. Visit our changing our network page for more information and how to get assistance.

What happens next

Due to current contact volumes there may be a delay of up to 28 days in our response, we're working through all of our contacts and will reply as soon as possible. If you've already raised a query please don't submit a second form as we'll respond to the one you've sent to us.

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We'll use the details you provide to investigate and progress your query. Please don't provide any personal sensitive information.

Please also read our privacy policy which describes how we may use your personal information.

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