Connecting Care Homes

to the Openreach network


We know that to the residents and staff living and working within care homes, the internet is a vital lifeline – even more so during lockdown. It allows loved ones to stay connected, vital healthcare services to be provided, and a critical connection to the outside world.

Did you know?


of 9399 care homes surveyed 


21%  aren't getting the fastest available speeds


and around 330 care homes don't have broadband at all

It’s about reliability too – with legacy broadband products like Standard broadband, your connection is likely to fail more often, leaving you with slower, more unpredictable speeds, or total loss of service until an engineer comes out – particularly in colder, wetter weather where copper cables are more likely to be impacted by the elements.

There’s 4 different types of broadband that you’re likely to have at your care home:

Full Fibre

1Gbps max

Reliable, fast Full Fibre lets everyone get online at the same time on multiple devices. Whether they're working, studying or playing they'll get Ultrafast downloads, lag-free gaming and less buffering on music or video.


330Mbps max

Gfast supercharges the existing network to give speeds many times the national average. Great for data hungry households and small businesses.

Superfast broadband

80Mbps max

Download binge-ready box sets in under 5 minutes, or music albums in under 20 seconds. Stream in 4k Ultra HD on more than one device at a time.

Standard broadband

24 Mbps max

Using the copper network you can stream Netflix and YouTube at 1080p on up to two devices without buffering, play most online games without lag and load webpages without waiting.

Not all of these broadband types may be available at your area. To check, enter your postcode below, and if you’re not already on the fastest, most reliable broadband connection, leave your details and we’ll help to get you upgraded, or speak directly to your internet service provider. 

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