Distribution network operators

Moving Openreach equipment

Openreach have an agreement with the electricity supply industry to share joint use of their poles to carry telecommunications and low voltage electricity supply.

From time to time, distribution network operators might need to make amendments to their distribution network ie transfer the electricity supply from one pole to another, or remove the electricity supply off the pole completely, if you are an electricity provider and need Openreach to transfer or move our network off your pole,  you can make the request by completing the form below. 

In accordance with EREC EB/TP (issue 3) Openreach aim to have the work completed either within 30 working days for a simple wire transfer, 45 working days for a wire transfer requiring civils or 6 months for a notice to quit request. We’ll let you know the timeframes once we’ve got your order. At this time, we can’t always  guarantee that we’ll be able to meet you on site beforehand for a survey, particularly if this is a 30 working day request, but we’ll aim to support wherever possible.

If you need to speak to us about an existing DNO order, you can contact us at DNO.Delivery@openreach.co.uk or 0800 783 2023.